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Kids ‘wild’ Camping

Posted on August 31, 2015

Many of us have camped in some wild and beautiful places.  An off the cuff promise to a 3 year old to go camping, the day before bank holiday weekend, resulted in some hasty phone calls and the realisation that every kid friendly site was full.  Not relishing a night in the garden, a local field or caravan type site, I stumbled upon http://astroclearviewcampsite.co.uk/ in Herefordshire.  Ann the owner said that she had plenty of space but that the facilities (1 portaloo) may not cope.  A Nalgene bottle and a couple of nappy sacks later we were on the road.

The campsite is in deep rural Herefordshire, the drive is quite something once you peal away from the M50.  We arrived approaching sunset and about 15 people were sat on a platform looking across the valley, drinking local cider, and watching the sun go down – a beautiful location.  We chose our spot, and  the boy wasted no time in making friends and invading fellow campers’ tents.  The kids roamed the acres of land, and from our vantage point they were always in sight, and if not, their excited voices could be heard echoing across the valley as they explored the woods and fields.  There were around 7 or 8 groups spread around the huge site, I’m led to believe there are often just a couple of tents and that this was busy.  The basic facilities actually far exceeded my expectations.  Chiminea’s scattered around the site, a BBQ area, free roaming of the land and woods, picnic tables, washing up and portaloo cleaverly concealed and spotless, not a rule book in sight, and some lovely benches facing the view across the valley.  I hope they don’t do any more as the campsite has just appeared in the cool camping 4 kids book, and I’d fear the peace and tranquility would be spoilt.

If the weather has been wet be prepared to park in the farm yard and the 1/2 mile up to the campsite.  Drinking water is also down at the farm.  There’s a rough track that can be driven when it’s dry.

If you want to escape with the kids, or a group of mates,  I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. It may well be on the meets list next year… with a Cider theme.